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TRADEMARES´s cost policy is based on the principles of transparency and strictly subject to the agreed budget. We offer competitive and fair rates. For further information, please see our Schedule of fees.

As a brief summary, the cost per filling a trademark application is US$ 425 and includes all the expenses and professional fees of an ordinary process without incidents (included the governmental rates of filling, publication and stamps to pick up the Certificates). 

We guarantee that there are no additional costs for updated reports of the File, formalities of the publication stage, nor collecting the title.

If an amendment has to be done to the application, even when required by the TM Office, there is an extra charge of US$ 75 (US$ 25 governmental fee included).

If an objection by the Registry or an opposition by a third party is raised against the application, we charge an additional US$ 275 payment for the reply (EVIDENCE NOT INCLUDED). In this case, we always come back to you to obtain prior approval to submit the response and therefore, the acceptance of the additional payment.

The indicated rates DO NOT INCLUDE consular stamps that shall be paid when authenticating the documents, neither translation of the documents, nor the service of Courier type Fedex or DHL.
TRADEMARES offers discounts per volume of filed applications.

If you have any question or require more information related to our schedule of fees please contact us at:

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