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To file a trademark or any other distinctive sign application, TRADEMARES requires the following information and documents:  


Name and conditions of the applicant.
Domicile of the applicant.
Domicile of the applicant´s Commercial Establishment.
Denomination and class of the distinctive sign. In case of being a sign with a design, we need to have the design in an electronic format. Also provide us with the list of goods or services which are going to be distinguish by the TM  or its international classification, in accordance with Nice Classification.


The applicant shall grant a POA (PDF 40KB) in favor of TRADEMARES and its lawyers.

According to the Costa Rican TM Office, Art 82 bis of the Law Trademarks and Other Distinctive Signs has deleted any consular and legalization POA formalities.

Therefore, it is enough to fill out a simple document with the grantor’s signature authenticated by a Notary. No legalization is required. 

A POA is enough for the registry of several trademarks under the same company name.

3.- PRIORITY DOCUMENT (in its case)

If PRIORITY right is claimed, it is necessary to file a certified copy issued by the TM office of the country of origin. In any other case, the priority document shall e authenticated and duly legalized by the Consulate of Costa Rica in the country of origin.  

The priority document can be filed late, in a term of 3 months since the filling date.


NOTICE: all the documents to be filed before the Industrial Property Registry Office of Costa Rica shall be in Spanish or come with its translation into Spanish.  

The translation service we offer is carried out by a service provider, at its own rates. We do not take any liability regarding the technical accuracy of the translation.


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