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The TRADEMARK is a distinctive sign which a manufacturer or merchant adopts to identify its goods or services within the market. COSTA RICA has a legal system that provides protection for trademarks and other distinctive signs such as trade names, slogans, appellations of origin and geographical indications.

TRADEMARES provides our clients and correspondents with global and customized legal assistance regarding trademark law. We assist them in all the necessaries steps to obtain and maintain strong trademark in the market. We also encourage our clients to claim all legal protection and benefits that our Law recognizes to the legitimate owner of a trademark.

TRADEMARES offers legal services regarding registration, maintenance and defense of trademarks and other distinctive signs before IP Office and before all administrative, civil and criminal courts in Costa Rica and the rest of Central America.

TRADEMARES has a reliable correspondent network that is able to cover the same service and quality guaranties, registration, maintenance and defense of the trademarks in other regions. It allows us to legally protect your trademark rights world-wide. 

TRADEMARES also offers specialized legal consultancy in contracts related to trademarks and distinctive signs, unfair competition and advertisement law matters.  


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